Ware Musical Theatre


The Pirates Of Penzance

Tuesday 8th March 2016 to Saturday 12th March 2016
Hertford Theatre

Photos by Steve Beeston Photography

This much-loved comic opera is a showcase of brilliant humour and razor-sharp wit, featuring a sparkling score chock-full of memorable melodies and catchy tunes.

Once heard never forgotten tunes, high-spirited and, poking fun at conventional absurdities and mocking institutions like the Victorian Sense of Duty, the police force and the peerage.

Rehearsals over the past few weeks have confirmed that nobody should underestimate the inspired genius or infectious spirit of Gilbert and Sullivan. Director John Hebden is putting together an hilarious production, strongly supported by the Musical Direction of John Tripp. Great things can be expected from this same partnership that brought us the very successful *Oliver!*.

The show is packed with laughter, romance, and a ship-full of quirky characters and memorable melodies such as "To be a Pirate King!", Modern Major General" and "Poor Wandering One". The Gilbert and Sullivan operettas are as popular as ever, and one of the best is "Pirates of Penzance", so we would be delighted to entertain you and your friends at this much-loved comic show.


Pirate KingPhillip Cable
Sargeant Of PoliceStephen Cooper
SamuelChris Lucas
RuthJo Tripp
KateKimberley Brough
IsabelJane Johnson
EdithRachel Mayes
MabelHannah Marie-Webb
FredericMatthew Juggins
Major GeneralMick Wilson