Ware Musical Theatre


Heroes & Villians Concert

Friday 9th July 2010 to Saturday 10th July 2010
Ware Drill Hall

Directed by Neil Bell

Musical Director's Introduction

The world of musical theatre thrives on larger-than-life characters and emotions.It is not enough for our lead man to quite fancy the girl across the room; he has to fall so passionately in love that he will kill for her. If, on the other hand, she happens to die an early tragic death before they are blissfully united, so much the better. In this land of extremes it is not surprising that extraordinary heroes and villains play a large part and it is these that we celebrate in this programme.

Once I started putting together ideas for this concert programme it was obvious that there is enough material for several concerts. I apologise in advance if your favourite hero or villain makes no appearance here. Maybe it is Don Giovanni, defiantly refusing to repent of his wicked ways before being dragged down to a fiery hell. Maybe it is Iago, plotting the destruction of his master, Otello, for the sheer malicious pleasure of it. Maybe it is the valiant heroes of the Paris barutcades in Les Miserables or a plucky little lion cub in The Lion King.

Whatever your taste, we know you will find some characters to love and to hate, with equal pleasure. We have found music for you representing grand opera, operetta, musical theatre, popular song and even the world of film, where cinema's favourite hero with a touch of villainy, James Bond, has produced some classic movie songs. We have had great fun preparing this programme for you and we hope you have a wonderful evening.