Ware Musical Theatre


Wednesday 1 August 2018

An Evening With Legends NODA Show Report

This year’s ‘ An Evening with Legends ’ concert was jam packed with fantastic songs that absolutely thrilled the audience.

The company started the evening with a wonderful rendition of a 60’s Medley and then Steven Cooper followed this with ‘Nights in White Satin”, which was lovely. 

The roller coaster continued as we lurched from this poignant and powerful song to the company singing “Skyfall”. For me the volume balance was not quite right but never the less the harmonies were great  and then back to Hannah Juggins singing ‘ I Man Feel Like a Woman ’. Here I felt the dancers were a distraction.

Rebecca Joelle did an outstanding rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. Here we have a very talented performer in the making. I look forward to hearing more of this young lady.

The first half ended with Ware Operatic doing what they are well known for. Precise choral singing and it was great. Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart and Cachucha by Gilbert and Sullivan gave the audience just what they were used to and what they came to hear. A choral group with tight harmonies, perfect timing and a volume that resonates throughout the Drill Hall.

The second half the of programme started with the company involved in “America” from West Side Story. Alas, once again the dancing let the piece down. Some of the dancers were simply not up to some of the combination steps and this was such a shame.

Hannah Juggins and Tom Pigden sang from “The Phantom of the Opera really well and Hannah’s top notes were well placed and not at all forced or too long, good breath control displayed here. Well done.

The surprise of the evening was the “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson which was brilliantly executed, and I liked it very much.

However, for me, the show stopper was Hannah Joelle and Sophie Clark singing “Happy Days are Here Again/ Get Happy”. This was pure magic and I loved it.

Thank you Ware Operatic for another great performance, and for those I have not mentioned please be assured that I had a very enjoyable evening.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Reviewed by: Vicki Avery